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Nike, Adidas or the Come Back Kid Reebok!?

The biggest debate in the track industry right now seems to be what type of shoes you should wear in various fitness environments. Some say Adidas is best for speed walking, while others say Nike is the way to go. The problem with either of these arguments is that they’re excluding Reebok! Reebok probably has the best shoes for the best price on this side of the western hemisphere! Problem is; the other two sports brand companies have such exorbitant marketing budgets they often push down anything good being said about Reebok!

Reebok Running Shoes

While Reebok used to be lower quality running shoes, they’ve definitely come a long way. It’s about time we put aside the big boys and consider shoes that may not be in fashion but are so much more comfortable when moving and active! I’ve been running a mile a day for about 10 years, and let me tell you a good new pair of jogging shoes is best made when nice and comfy! The only feeling better than that runners high is the same feeling with out having your feet aching for hours after going for a two hour jog!

Comfort Matters Too

While Nike and Adidas look cool, I’d say their counterpart making the come back is the sure fire way to go when deciding on athletic shoes to last you for years to come.